Welcome to GoldingSky!

Charles John is the founder and CEO of GoldingSky. GoldingSky has been one of many projects he has always wanted to work on. One of the reasons he started GoldingSky is to incorporate what he has learned in the past few years, to practice and improve his skills in both websites and game development etc. After finding himself starting projects and never finishing them due to one or two reasons which some of you can relate too, he began creating GoldingSky. Completing his Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computing and having GoldingSky up and running are two of his great achievements. He believes there is always something to be grateful for and you should never give up no matter what.


GoldingSky is a software provider that creates remarkable websites and games with a central focus on creating innovating educational games. We work closely with our clients to bring their ideas to life.

GoldingSky website is still under development. You can currently view Charles's portfolio, which contains some of the works he has worked on, such as games and websites. More things will be added such as a download page where you can download free items and much more. You can also view some of the games he created for web, view and download mobile games created by GoldingSky.